Team AS want to show that we care about our world so we’ve unleashed our inner eco-warrior with our sustainable KBX Planet range. Launched in 2020, our stunningly beautiful lingerie and packaging are made from recycled materials. So women can be bad while doing the planet some good.

We want women to feel gorgeous in their own skin, so created our beautifully designed tonal collection, Birthday Suit. We partnered with one of our incredible store colleagues on this exciting project, who featured (and wowed!) in our launch marketing campaign. With a stunning range of bodysuits, hold-ups, and curve-caressing nude dresses, we aim to bring all women together to feel empowered whether they’re sparkling on the dance floor or in the bedroom.

Our customers spoke up and we listened! We know that it can be difficult for women to find maternity bras that are sexy and stylish yet practical too. So, our Buying team developed exactly that. Our amazing Mama Summers collection which is the perfect balance for all of our Ann Summers mamas.

With the aim to break down the taboo surrounding female sexuality, our trailblazing Marketing team created the Pleasure Positivity Project. We’ve created a safe space for discussing toys and accessories for self-love and pleasure, helpful guides from our guest bloggers sharing their sexual experiences, and IGTV videos from experts that feed into women’s sexual curiosity and willingness to become more well-informed about their bodies. The PPP inspires and influences women to build their body confidence along with becoming more open and honest about their sex life.

Every woman deserves sexual wellbeing.

That’s what we believe at Ann Summers, and we should know. We are experts in sex and intimacy, having created products for - and listened to - women for 50 years. Many women feel that their sexual wellbeing is trivial, but pleasure and sexual confidence is important for overall wellbeing and happiness. For this reason, we launched My Viv, short for My Very Important Vagina